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Whether your craft is woodworking, jewelry, quilting, sewing, painting, pottery, or weaving, craft shows let you position your craftwork to potential buyers seeking one-of-a-kind, collectible arts and crafts items.

Craft shows, fairs and festivals can be found all over the U.S, but not all craft shows are well- attended and not all craft fairs are right for all crafts.

For example, country craft shows bring in crowds who typically expect to pay between $5 and $50 for craft items with country designs. Fine arts and crafts shows attract buyers who may pay hundreds of dollars for quality art or craftwork.

Music festivals, though they may advertise for craft artists to display (and pay them a hefty fee for a booth) often draw crowds looking to drink and listen to music.

Wine tasting events, though people drink, often attract a more sophisticated audience from a higher income bracket. Art and wine festivals can be lucrative, especially after the shoppers start tasting the wine.

We compiled a list below of craft fairs and shows guides and listings. Some are local, some cover regions and a few review craft shows all around the U.S.

To know if a craft show is a potential winner for you, go and visit it firsthand. If its a local event, definitely check it out before applying for a booth. Check out the busy booths and decide if your crafts look like they would sell. Are others selling similar items to you?

Some craft shows review show performance with reports from craft artists who display there. These reviews provide firsthand feedback from someone on the scene. You can learn how craftwork in your genre sells and how the craft shows compare to other fairs around the country. Start your search with the comprehensive craft shows listings below.

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